Isle of Man TT

Podium finish (3rd place)

Kapil the founder and present CEO of Tork Motors was very passionate about cars and motorcycles right from his childhood. He was fond of collecting electric remote control cars and use to break them and fix them using available pet kits available out in the market these days. It was in his college days where he saw a video on races that happen in "The Isle of Man" which drove him down to build an electric motorcycle which could be raced over there.

It was just a bunch of few engineers with one man's vision to build an electric motorcycle which could win on a track often called one of the most dangerous racing tracks in the world. Tork motors build Asia's first electric motorcycle to compete in the Isle of Man Electric GP. It was a proud moment where "T1X" scored a 3rd position on the podium representing the victory of India's electric future.


Podium finish (1st place)

Having a racing DNA and learnings from previous races the passion to race an electric motorcycle was never less. It was then TTXGP started a culture of first zero-carbon, clean-emission race to take place at the Isle of Man TT.

To compete Tork build an improved racing motorcycle the "T2X". This motorcycle marked the history of winning maximum races in the TTXGP.

Production Manager

At Agni Motors

Seeing the potential in electric motorcycles built by Tork Motors, Agni Motors offered Kapil a position of Production Manager on the electric motors production line.


For Zongshen Racing (AO's Motorsports)

Kapil still wanted to build a racing electric motorcycle which was not possible in Agni Motors. During this time a Chinese company Zongshen offered Kapil to build electric racing motorcycles for their European races

All the motorcycles made by the team found their place in the winning positions in all the races. Building Tork T4X and T5X was a brilliant move as they were literally the motorcycles which marked the victory of the Tork electric motorcycle's era.

T6X Concept Unvelled

Funding from Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhati

Kapil still wanted to build the electric motorcycles for his own country and that's where he wanted to build an affordable, stylish and smart electric motorcycle for the India masses. Tork Motors received funding from Bhavish Aggarwal & Ankit Bhati for developing an affordable electric

motorcycle for Indian commuters. The concept was then staged as Tork Motors "T6X" at the Auto Expo 2016.